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The Mail-House offers it's own installation service in the Chicago metro and northwest Indiana areas. Our fees include: installation of your new mailbox, removal of your old mailbox, and disposal of your old mailbox. If you'd like to do it yourself, come see our Installation Instructions.

*** There might be an additional fee added if the removal of your old mailbox is unusually difficult or complicated. ***

Use the drop-down menu below to determine if your city is within our installation area. Cities in Indiana will have 'IN' after their city name. If your city isn't listed, but it's near one on the list, use the Region near to your city (if we need to make an adjustment, we'll contact you). Once you've determined your Region, use the buttons directly below your region to add Installation to your Shopping Basket.

Once we receive your order, your mailbox will be installed within two days. We will call you first, however, to see if there are any special details or requirements we need to know about. If we install your new mailbox, we will need your telephone number when you check out. That way we can contact you and install your new mailbox quickly.

City List:

Region A Region B Region C Region D
$85.00 $90.00 $95.00 $100.00

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