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We offer four series of mailboxes in our online store: EH, AH, CH, and CM. The EH series is found below, but use the tabs above to see the other series. Hold your mouse over each picture for a brief description or click on them for a full-sized view and description. Mailboxes are displayed as unstained, unless otherwise noted as displayed as stained. Also, the dimension measurements for this series are found at the bottom of the page.

Our mailboxes and posts are shipped unstained.

(Note: The full views are larger files and may take a bit longer to load.)


Smooth roof, smooth sides.


Smooth-shingled roof, smooth sides.


Smooth-shingled roof, vertical/horizontal grooves on sides.


Smooth-shingled roof, log cabin sides.


Smooth-shingled roof, vertical grooves on sides.

EH Series Mailbox Dimensions

Roof Length: 20.5"
Roof Width: 12.25"
Box Length: 19"
Box Width: 9.25"
Overall Height: 12.75"Inside Measurements
Width: 7.5"
Length: 16.5"
Height (to peak): 10.25)

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